We would launch products, which have two major differences from competitors. Firstly, the initial products have been specifically support for Thai dining restaurants in developed counties, which is a potential niche market. Secondly, ours is the only product in the market that combines the three main features of an e-menu, Point Of Sale (POS) and inventory control systems together as a single system.

Thai dining restaurants business characteristics:

  • A variety of food and drinks on a menu (More than 150 items)
  • Customers can define level of spice and change ingredient.
  • Some chefs can not read English.
  • The restaurants focus on a quality of service.
  • Most restaurant owners work at their restaurants.

USP (Unique Selling Point)

Competitive price: We can reduce developing costs because we are able to design the system and develop core functions ourselves. Furthermore, we will hire programmers from Thailand and India where the salaries are much lower than other competitors in the UK, US and Australia. As a result, we can reduce production costs by around 60% to produce more competitively priced products and software features.

Time to delivery: We can reduce the time to deliver new features of the software because we have designed the system ourselves so that it is easy to modify. In addition, we are able to employ high potential developers and graphic designers at lower cost than other competitors.

Software features: As can be seen in the table below, ours is the only product which can support Thai language, combine the e-menu to Point of Sales (POS) and inventory control/planning system. Finally, our software can be customised to fit in with specific business processes, whereas most major competitors sell products, which are difficult to customise the software to meet with businesses requirement.

High quality of service: We can provide a high quality of both remote and onsite services to our customers as well as being able to support Thai users with Thai language. This enables restaurant staff and owners to be able to receive maintenance support and consultation effectively.

Product Features & USP (Unique Selling Point)

  • The above companies, Conceptic. Infinityemenu and Emenuny are out major competitors.
  • * = Tooltip text
= Able to support / operate
— = Not able to support / operate

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