Restaurant InnoEmenu Solutions

Our business idea is selling total IT solutions for catering businesses including fine dining restaurants, pubs, bars, hotels and cafes. In the beginning, we focused on three main products within the restaurant e-menu solutions.
The first product is the “Restaurant E-menu System to be used by waiting staff”. This system enables waiting staff to take and make an order though mobile or tablet devices e.g. iOS, Android or Windows mobile devices. Then, the order would be automatically transferred to the kitchen and cashier.
The second product is the “Restaurant E-menu System, which would be used by restaurant customers”. This system is based on a tablet or touch screen devices, which allows customers to select from a clearly detailed menu images, and to place their order themselves. Furthermore, the system can also show advertisements and promotions when the tablet devices are not in use by the customers.
The last product is the “Restaurant E-menu Application, which is able to be installed on any mobile device”. This application enables restaurant customers to pre-order before arriving or sitting at the restaurants.
All three main products include a POS (Point of Sale) system, which enables the cashier to manage tables, reservations, orders and bills on a touch screen or tablet device. Also, chefs in the kitchen can manage their orders though paper-based order slips, touch screen or tablet devices, depending on the businesses requirement.

*Compatible Platforms: Compatible with all major Platform such as iOS, Android, WindowsPhone etc. SmartPhone Server which utilized the Active Sync is a formal license holder of Microsoft.

Give an easy-to-use, speedy feeling to your business.

Because Restaurant InnoEmenu ensures the best use of effective apps, operability and convenience are remarkably improved.

01Check_mockup Quicker Ordering Operation. 01Check_mockup Monitor Sales on your iPhone.

01Check_mockup Control Inventory e.g. Drinks . 01Check_mockup Business Intelligence Report.

Up until now, all applications are able to update and integrate with Point of Sales (Pos), Financial, Inventory Control, Cost Control and Purchasing System. We quickly support in in remote control environments. However, if you cannot support on-line, we would provide specialist at your restaurants though our business partners. Using InnoEmenu in business provides a dining experience and excellent service support to your valued clients.


Sales pattern to suit the customer.

Speed up ordering process.

Faster Ordering Process

Order is transferred to the kitchen and bar immediately. Customers therefore receive ordering items correctly and quickly.

The key to success may lie in how you monitor your restaurant real-time anywhere.

  • Monitor Sales Volume
  • Number of Customers
  • Daily Sales Amount
  • Favorite Menu
  • Inventory Level
  • Incorrect Menu Provided to Customers
  • Customer Satisfaction